'Thumbstruck' (adjective) - a state of excitement in which one is at a loss for all words to text, tweet or type.

That's what we deliver, experiences that capture consumer attention breaking through the media clutter. And we do it by using devices that your customers love to carry around be it mobile phones, tablets or the next big thing.

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  • Web Award
    HDFC Bank Mobile Site

    HDFC Bank Mobile Site
    2012 Mobile Web Award WinnerBest Bank Mobile Site

  • Web Award
    KKR Mobile Site

    KKR Mobile Site
    2012 Mobile Web Award WinnerBest Sports Mobile Site

  • W3C
    KKR Iphone App Silver Winner

    IPhone App
    2010 Silver W3 Winner

  • W3C 2011
    Asian Paint Mobile Site Silver Winner

    Mobile site
    2011 Silver W3 winner

  • W3C 2011 KKR Abby Winner

    Mobile Site
    2011 Bronze Abby Winner &
    2011 Silver W3 Winner

What are QR Codes

If you think digital is digital & offline is offline & there
can be no meeting ground between them then its time
you get introduced to QR Codes.

'Quick Response Codes' are 2D bar codes which encode information &
when scanned by a mobile phone camera can:

What can they do

  • Convert your print ads into interactive lead generators by redirecting consumers to your campaign mobile site or a preformatted SMS.
  • Increase engagement at retail locations by letting consumers know more about your brand & compare attributes.
  • Open up a preformatted SMS
  • Start playing multimedia content
  • Save a Business Card to your phone

What is Mobile Augmented Reality

Ever wondered if the technology from Star Wars & Star Trek will become real? Well at least some of it just has & is called 'Mobile Augmented Reality'!

What can it do

  • It can let consumers discover offers & deals offered by your brand available near them, thereby increasing sales.
  • It can overlay a 3D game on your product package triggered by the images / logo on the package to create an engaging experience.

Mobile Augmented reality is a process in which additional information is overlaid on 'Reality' visible through their camera view to augment it. This information can be text, image or video & can be triggered by location or by specific images or objects.

What's innovative about SMS

If 'SMS' reminds you of irritating spam then get ready to see 'SMS' in a new light. We use 'SMS' to let your consumers have a two way conversation with your OOH Ads & to create 'SMS' based spot loyalty programs

What can it do

  • The SMS Based Interactive Billboards can act as lead generators as well as a means to engage consumers.
  • SMS based spot loyalty programs can help influence the consumer behavior

A promotional campaign by Honda using Interactive Billboards

What are Mobile Sites

Just as every Batman needs a Robin, every website needs a mobile site!

A Mobile Site looks just like a website but is optimized for the Mobile devices taking into account the difference in the screen size, computing power & the consumer behavior on a mobile device.

What can they do

  • Just as a website is the home of your brand on the internet, the mobile site is the home of your brand on the mobile internet.
  • In conjecture with QR Codes, Mobile Sites can help you generate leads, engage consumers & service existing customers anywhere & anytime.

What are Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps are to smart phones what icing is to cake: The best part!

A Mobile App is a small software optimized to run on specific mobile platforms & are the most popular phenomenon on smart phones today.

What can they do

  • Apps sit on the consumer's phone thus ensuring constant visibility to your brand & allows deeper engagement.
  • Apps can create incredible brand experiences & go viral as existing users spread the word.
what have we done
  • KKR iPhone App

    KKR iPhone App
    The KKR iPhone App was the first iPhone App from an IPL team in India & has seen users from India, US, UK, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Italy, France, Denmark & another 15 countries download it to stay in touch with their favorite team.

    2010 Silver W3 Winner

  • KKR Mobile Site

    KKR Mobile Site
    The KKR Mobile site lets fans stay in touch with their favorite team on the move across mobile platforms.

    It lets the fan check out the match results, schedules, team news as well as read Shah Rukh's views on the blog

    2011 Bronze Abby Winner

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  • Asian Paints

    Asian Paints Mobile Site
    The Asian Paints mobile site provides access to decor solutions, expert tips and information about painting resources, on a mobile friendly platform which is fast and efficient.

    The site includes a 'Paint Calculator', 'Dealer Locator' and a range of home solutions which are available instantly via Phone call/SMS.

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  • HDFC Ltd

    HDFC Limited Mobile Site
    The HDFC Limited mobile site is a one stop destination for mobile users, providing information on home loans, allowing users to calculate indicative EMI's, and answers to FAQ’s. The site also features a dedicated section on HDFC deposits.

    The site assists users in locating the nearest HDFC Ltd branch. Other features include the 'Click to Call' and 'Click to SMS' feature.

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  • HSBC Advance Mobile Site

    HSBC Advance Mobile Site HSBC Advance is a product targeted at the globe trotting business executives & the mobile site is the solution to let them know about the product anytime & anywhere.

    The tone of the mobile site is very aspirational in sync with the TG & it has various features which take full advantage of the capabilities of the high end phones typically used by the TG.

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  • DSP Black Rock Mobile Site

    DSP Black Rock Mobile Site DSP Black Rock Mobile Site is designed to let users quickly & easily find the latest information about DSP Black Rock Investment Products.

    It enables users to check out Latest NAVs, Historical NAVs, Dividend Information from anywhere & anytime & know about new products launched.

  • HDFC Bank Mobile Site

    HDFC Bank Mobile Site
    The HDFC Bank mobile site allows customers to perform banking transactions via their computers and operates on the same security platform as HDFC Bank’s online portal

    It provides users with quick reference on available products and services and also allows them to avail of existing NetBanking services while on the move.

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  • South Australia Tourism

    South Australia Tourism
    The India loves South Australia mobile site is the latest initiative by the South Australian Tourism Board, framed to exhibit the beautiful highlights of South Australia.

    The site features a contest that creates awareness about its destinations by offering an attractive all expenses paid trip to South Australia. The campaign also includes mobile optimized banners ads as well as a location based customer engagement platform.

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  • Axis Bank Mobile Site

    Axis Bank Mobile Site

    Axis Bank aimed at creating an emotional connect with its users. The new mobile site is more customer centric than ever and represents core values in an interface that allows for an easy interpretation of the brand essence.The mobile site features key information on the bank’s offerings specifically for customers on the go.

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  • Mahindra & Mahindra Mobile Site

    Mahindra & Mahindra Mobile Site

    Mahindra & Mahindra’s mobile site was a part of the company’s efforts to revamp its digital presence and enter the mobile medium. We developed this contemporary mobile site for M&M in order to help them provide investors, job seekers and media professionals with news, updates and other valuable information.

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  • Nirav Modi iPad App

    Nirav Modi iPad App

    An exclusive niche brand in the jewellery market, Nirav Modi required a smart sales tool for their representatives. To showcase their collection in a simple yet effective manner, they zeroed in on the iPad. We developed an extensive catalogue for Nirav Modi, complete with high-resolution images, quality certificates and other relevant data.

  • South Australia Tourism

    IDFC Mutual Fund
    IDFC required a tabled based tool for their sales team that would give them flexibility and access to real-time data. To win the confidence of customers, the app allowed them to interact and look at various products and services for themselves. Moreover, it added to the convenience of the sales team by allowing them to carry all important documents such as application forms, product catalogues, related data and other information on one single device.

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what makes us unique


Seeing is believing! Your consumers use the application or the mobile site on their phones not simulators. That's why at Thumbstruck we test on actual phones & not just simulators. So that you can see it work & believe!

Mobile Usability

Consumers patience is a lot less on Mobile Phone & we understand that. That's why we bring in the Usability Experts to ensure everything we build takes into account user behavior


Numbers never lie! And that's why we track numbers in everything we build. Be it how many users came from which city & mobile service provider on a mobile site or which buttons do users click most on inside an app, we ensure its all captured & available to you.